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  • Where can I purchase DDT gear?
    DDT gear is available from both online dealers and traditional retail stores all across America! To find a dealer for you, click here to go to our Dealer Locator
  • So, I can't purchase direct from you?"
    At DDT, we believe in supporting fellow American small businesses and have made a promise to our dealers to help them in any way we can. Due to this, we don't sell direct to the public and shopping on our site is for Wholesale Dealers only. So check out our Dealer Locator and find a small business to support today!
  • What kind of warranty does DDT have?
    We only use high quality materials when constructing our items, so we're proud to offer a Lifetime Warranty against all manufacturing defects. For more information on our warranty, click here.
  • Is my issue covered by the warranty?
    Great question! Our warranty covers any defects or issues related to workmanship or materials from the manufacturing process. For more information, go here to download our Warranty Form and email us with your information.
  • Where are you located?
    DDT is located at: 4545 N Lamb Blvd Ste F Las Vegas, NV 89115
  • How can I contact you?
    Our phone number is 702-640-0225. You can also reach out via email to
  • Where is your stuff made?
    All of our Patriot Line items are made in the USA from American materials. We are working tirelessly to move all of our production to the US, but in the meantime the rest of our items are made in Vietnam.
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