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American Flag Rubber Morale Patches

American Flag Rubber Morale Patches

A variety of multi-color USA flag designs to represent different ways to support the great country of America.

Hook backing for attachment to any soft loop surface.

Measures 3.375" 2"

  • Product Breakdown

    MSRP: $4.99

    Part# 50159 - Flag Blue Line Rubber Morale Patch, Color Black, UPC: 642896555402

    Part# 50104 - Flag Full Color Rubber Morale Patch, Color RWB, UPC: 616086526411

    Part# 50103 - Flag Grey/Blue Rubber Morale Patch, Color Grey/Blue, UPC: 616086526404

    Part# 50102 - Flag OD Rubber Morale Patch, Color OD Green, UPC: 616086526398

    Part# 50160 - Flag Red Line Rubber Morale Patch, Color Black Red Line, UPC: 642896555419

    Part# 50105 - Flag Subdued Brown Rubber Morale Patch, Color Brown, UPC: 616086526428

    Part# 50101 - Flag Tan Rubber Morale Patch, Color Tan, UPC: 616086526381

    Part# 50193 - Flag 3 Line Support Rubber Morale Patch, Color Black, UPC: 765076163751


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