Sgt. Stubby Double Lead Dog Leash

Sgt. Stubby Double Lead Dog Leash

The SGT STUBBY DOUBLE LEAD DOG LEASH is part of the DDT PATRIOT line, named in memory of Sergeant Stubby who served 18 months and 17 battles during World War I becoming the United States most decorated war dog. All products in the PATRIOT line are constructed from nylon webbing, all American hardware, and named after a person/people who have served their country or community.


The Sgt Stubby Double lead is a leash made from sturdy 1.25” nylon webbing that allows you to let the dog enjoy freedom when you want it and control when you need it with the double handle. Practically like two leashes in one, this leash features dual handles that let you decide just how much length to give your dog. The traditional handle on the end gives him room to roam on strolls, while the second handle is placed closer to the collar, allowing you to keep him close in crowded areas or for working dogs who prefer being closer. It’s everything you need to enjoy some fresh air with your favorite buddy, and it’s made from durable nylon with all American hardware for supreme quality.


DDT is a veteran owned and operated company who stands behind all our product with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects


Specifications and Features:

  • Made from 1000D Nylon and all American hardware
  • 52 inches in length
  • Two handles to allow you to walk your dog with more leisure or hold them closer if needed.
  • Product Breakdown

    MSRP: $16.99

    Part# 52810 - Sgt Stubby Double Lead Dog Leash, Color Black, UPC: 642896555471

    Part# 52811 - Sgt Stubby Double Lead Dog Leash, Color Tan, UPC: 654975995399

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